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Peanut butter is one of those things that can go on everything and can be eaten with a meal, snack or dessert. Nutmeg’s brings you peanut butter but enhanced! There are so many flavors, there is definitely one that you’ll enjoy. I started enjoying Nutmeg’s peanut butter around 2 years ago and have been loving/addicted to it ever since. It tastes so fresh and the flavor combinations are out of this world. I have been known to bring it on several trips with me such as Michigan, Florida and Mexico to enjoy for breakfast. Thankfully the owner of Nutmeg’s is super nice Always here to support small business.

Travis Labrek

Love that this peanut butter isn’t processed it’s all natural and love all the flavors, unique and different. We eat all the peanut butter by the spoonful every day. And give NutMeg’s away as gifts to different people!

Cookie Doo reminds me of being a kid and eating cookie dough out of the bowl, and when I use to sit on the kitchen floor with the jar of plain peanut butter and take spoon full and dip it in a big bowl of sugar…. that’s what cookie doo tastes like to me.

Pam Wagner

I was a bit hesitant to try the honey chipotle… omg, love it!!! Peanut butter with a little kick!! My new favorite snack with pretzels!!! Love this one NutMeg!

Colleen Rogers

The perfect balance of traditional sandwich spread and innovative flavors!

Vincent Jodin Jr.

All of the flavors I’ve tried are amazing! The cookies and creme one is my fave!

Alison Nickford

The peanut butter from NutMeg’s was fantastic! I love purchasing items locally, especially items that are completely homemade!! The flavor was creamy and naturally luscious! I ate it straight from the container with a spoon, and paired it with crackers. It was fun to eat and my 5-year-old loved it! This peanut butter will surely satisfy any sweet tooth! I look forward to trying the many other flavors of NutMeg’s!!

Chelsi ann Bezjian

OH MY PEANUT BUTTER!!! I got my fresh jar of Big Dremes and Peanut Buzzer yesterday. TO DIE FOR! One is for a gift I can’t wait to share.

Delania Perras

Wonderful, locally made, and always coming up with original flavors. Definitely should check out NutMegs!

Mary Ellen Buell

It’s original, homemade peanut butter goodness, what’s not to love?

Kaylyn Hohn

Awesome flavors!! LOVE IT!! My favorite peanut butter!!

Janel Hartnagle

I️ just bought 5 flavors and couldn’t race home fast enough to try them. I love every single flavor!! I’ve got to say my #1 favorite is between BlissBerry and Red Hot Honey Pot. The honey balances out the chipotle spice well and gives you something you’d never expect. It’s hard to choose because they’re all so delicious.

Jenna Hart

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