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I consider myself as a peanut butter connoisseur.

What does that mean? I am glad you asked.

My love for peanut butter began as a toddler, around the age of three. Throughout grade school, my mom would make me a peanut butter sandwich of all variations, it was exciting to open my lunch bag and see what she had made for me that day. I always remember watching her lick the peanut butter spoon right after making the sandwich of the day. Then there’s my dad, he always snuck into the kitchen around 11pm before he went to bed to have a spoonful of peanut butter, have it on a slice of bread, or with some pretzels (he still does this). I would hear him sneak into the kitchen for his nighttime ritual and I would follow him, but “shh, don’t tell Mom.” Peanut Butter is a household staple, we know and love it. We create our own memories around peanut butter, and we share those memories with people we love.

For a gift, I wanted to make my friend something homemade and thoughtful for Christmas, I put peanuts and chocolate sandwich cookies together and my first peanut butter flavor was created. Friends, family, and people in my community heard about what I had created and began asking me to make them one. I was making this variation of peanut butter more and more as people asked me for it. As word spread, I realized that: people are bored with just crunchy or smooth options – they want something more.

NutMeg’s offers many different flavor varieties. Each flavor is inspired by family and friends- having a unique story behind each and every one of them. I appreciate flavors and have a discriminating palate. I know when it comes to the matters of taste in peanut butter, I am an expert, bu-lieve me.

Expand your palate, try something new, and create memories.

Xoxo, NutMeg

Meet the Team




I’ve known Meghan for most of my life, and I’ve always knew she’d come up with something that will blow everyone's mind. When she first told me she was going to start making and selling peanut butter, I had two emotions: one, “Wow, good for her!” and two, “Really? Peanut butter!? I hate peanut butter!” For that reason, I was hesitant to try it, and it took a while for me to work up the courage. But when I did, man was I hooked! Since NutMeg’s offers peanut butter for every palate I was able to find the flavor just for me!

As you know, each flavor of NutMeg’s has a story behind it. Well for mine it is “Loodle’s Cabootle” a representation of all the times Meghan and I have shared together. Our flavor holds near and dear to my heart.. It is a constant reminder of the stories, the laughs, and the memories and a huge reminder of that is more to come! We have enjoyed traveling together, domestically and internationally. Which leads to our goal of incorporating both excitement and culture into the business. We welcome you to try NutMeg’s today and forever be hooked, and tell us your story!



Taste-tester & Quality Control (expert spoon-licker)

Smooth peanut butter with strawberry jam cut into triangles, no crust- this was Meghan’s favorite sandwich.  I started feeding my little peanut ever since I can remember, always making sandwiches and snacks of all kinds, and always licking the spoon clean. We could never get tired of peanut butter but I liked to switch it up to make it fun! Peanut butter is a food that our family has memories around and it has always been a part of our lives. When I taste NutMeg’s, I approve of taste and quality when I know it’s something I’d want to give my daughter as a child, only the best.

Mission & Values

My mission is to bring back mindfulness and appreciation of the little things that we often take for granted, like the pleasure from a spoonful of peanut butter. To create a community of peanut butter lovers, a commu(nut)ity.


Passion for peanut butter → drive to produce & sell quality peanut butter that excites, conducting business through conscious awareness of the consumer & Earth - using ingredients & packaging that is genuine.


Innovation & Creativity → community of consciousness to enhance quality of life overall, creating peanut bu-lievers.


Openness, Balance, Sustainability

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